Squarespace & Lnk.Bio integration

Automate your linkinbio experience with the official Squarespace and Lnk.Bio integration.

The official Lnk.Bio Squarespace integration allows for a seamless integration between Lnk.Bio and your Squarespace ecommerce. With a 2-minute, no-code, onboarding process, you will be able to automatically sync all your existing Squarespace products into your Lnk.Bio profile or select one-by-one.

Main integration features

  • Mass import
  • Per-product selection
  • Official connection
  • No manual input required
  • No coding required
  • No API key required

Included in plans

  • Free
  • Mini
  • Unique
  • Agency/Multi-account

Currently integrated by

  • 1,202 Lnk.Bio users

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